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For those that want to spread reiki to the world by making a business out of it, reiki trainings only barely touch on this aspect. We provide trainings and consultation for practitioners that want to get a firm grasp on the business, uplevel their current business, or start a reiki business. We offer a comprehensive online program to help practitioners understand the business basics and setup or a more in depth program with coaching support along the way.
Another highly coveted training for reiki practitioners is the trauma-informed training. Many reiki practitioners see clients that have experienced trauma and it is important that practitioners understand these clients needs.
Click the button below to learn more about these offerings or to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs!

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We live in an ever evolving world and unfortunately the mental health field is not always at the forefront of that evolution. Though we are seeing progress being made in the field, many therapists are realizing that we need to shift the way we work with clients. Nina offers consultation for licensed mental health therapists that may want to add in more cutting edge modalities or practices into their work but are not sure how to navigate that. Nina has successfully done this with her practice and is eager to share her knowledge in order to help other therapists bring in the other healing practices that therapists intuitively know their clients need. Nina works closely with legal and ethical resources to help therapists navigate this area. 

*Disclaimer: Consultation with Nina is not to be considered legal advice nor should it take the place of legal advice. 

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