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Nina is a licensed mental health practitioner in the State of Colorado. Nina owns a small private practice in Colorardo and is currently accepting limited clients via telehealth. Nina does not perform traditional talk therapy. Early on in her career Nina realized the value of a holistic therapy approach and created a holistic protocol that she uses with all of her clients. Nina is currently working with those seeking healing from trauma; emotional release through somatic experiencing (moving emotions stuck in your body); psychedelic integration and microdosing; and soul therapy (read below). 


Holistic Protocol Process


We highly recommend scheduling a consultation to first make sure that Nina and the protocol are a correct fit for you. Once you have agreed to onboard as a new client, there will be an intake set up. During this time Nina will walk through a variety of questions to understand where you are currently at and get a firm grasp of your goals for therapy. This intake session will end with a mapped out plan customized to YOUR needs on how you will proceed together. Nina is trained in multiple therapuetic modalities, functional medicine for mental health, somatic experiencing, plant medicine, three types of energy work, and is a very gifted psychic. The customized plan may include any of the following. Questions about this protocol or modalities can be answered during the consultation. Click below to schedule.


As a licensed therapist AND shaman, Nina is able to use her shamanic skills to offer therapy that works through past life/karmic blocks, generational healing, and soul retrievals. These sessions are for those interested in deeper therapy involving their higher, multidimensional selves. This is often an overlooked cause of personal strife in life. If you have noticed continual patterns of struggle or other issues in life that you are not able to get a grasp on, no matter how much therapy you try, then perhaps consider this route. Click below to schedule a consultation. 

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