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In Person Sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra is a beautiful meditative practice that has been proven to be highly effective in stress reduction and moving through trauma. iRest has protocols for trauma, physical pain, and sleep. During this session you will experience iRest Yoga Nidra paired with energy work. Eight sessions are recommended to find optimal relief.

$108 per 60 min session

*Discounted Session Packages Available

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Life is difficult sometimes and we can easily feel stuck or paralyzed. This session uses channeled guidance to help you gain clarity on life issues.  It includes an action plan so you can step into your life with confidence.


During a shamanic session we work on opening, clearing, and re-inhabiting your physical and energetic bodies. You will be guided through powerful experiences to connect you more deeply with yourself and healing while I work energetically. We might do soul retrieval, past life work, inner child work, integrating the masculine and feminine, activating energetic upgrades, connect with your higher self/guides, release energy and trauma from the body, increase your perception, intuition and higher awareness, expansion of consciousness, and cultivating gentle ease in your life.

We may use shamanic tools during your session such as drums, rattles, tuning forks, plant medicine, herbs, chanting, music, meditations, and body work to assist.

My focus is to empower you toward being self-sustaining and help you find tools that you can utilize for yourself in the future. I am simply here to walk beside you on the path of healing and expansion.

You can expect to find your authentic power and voice. You will reconnect with your intrinsic magic, deeply feel your primal self, and hear the call of your soul. You will be seen, understood, and completely held through this process.

*Multiple sessions are recommended for full integration.

Click HERE to learn more about Shamanic Healing.

$270 per 90 min session

*See Bottom of Page for Current Monthly Specials


This is a full shamanic healing session focused on releasing trauma. This is a profoundly transformative session. Due to the deep release during this session, multiple sessions are needed to allow for proper integration. These sessions are sold in packages of 4.

$999 per 4- 90 min sessions

*See Bottom of Page for Current Monthly Specials


Sacred plant medicines have the ability to create grand expansion in one's life through an honored bond between human and medicine. These are individual medicine ceremonies. Currently serving: Ceremonial Cacao and Sananga.

$180 per 60 min session

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*Please see the events page button below to find current group ceremonies being held*


Reiki is a vibrational healing modality that promotes balance throughout the human system. When the human system is relaxed and balanced, physical and emotional healing excels. It works with the subtle “energy” field that surrounds the body and life force energy within the body. Reiki is facilitated by placing hands in the energy field outside the body or light touch to a clothed recipient. People receiving Reiki often express a sense of connection to their own inner source of healing. Some people practice or receive Reiki to strengthen their wellness; others use it to help cope with symptoms, such as pain or fatigue, or to support their medical care, mental health, even in the case of chronic illness or at the end-of-life. 
Each session is customized per the clients needs and intentions. Each session comes with intuitive guidance and can be performed in person or distance. Crystals, essential oils, healing music, tuning forks, and other modalities may be added to in person sessions.

$111 per 60 min session

*See Bottom of Page for Current Monthly Specials

Please note there are currently limited availabilty for appointments due to realignment of services and the holiday season! 2024 will bring upgraded service offerings!

Click Schedule a Session above to schedule online. Please text 308-778-7020 if you cannot find a time on our scheduler that works for you.

Ask about our cash discount and referral program for a discount on your next session!!

Now offering Cacao Ceremonies, Family Yoga, and Tantric Yoga Date Nights at Santa Fe Community Yoga!!

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