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State of Grace Program & Retreats: Services
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State of Grace: a state in which we are kind, loving, and gentle with ourselves thus experiencing a kind, loving, and gentle existence. Not about bypassing the inner work but learning how to flow through the depths of the shadows with compassion; bringing light to the
darkness; and realizing there is gracefulness in the messy. It is lovingly accepting the duality of light and dark within us so we can
integrate into an empowered and expansive being. State of Grace is a coahing program that helps women learn how to eliminate fear, self-doubt, and stubborn blocks that sabotage self-worth so they can breakthrough to their feminine brilliance and step into their power as a woman. This program guides women back to a state of grace so they can create a life of abundance, flow, and ease. 

*Applications for State of Grace Coaching is currently CLOSED*

State of Grace Retreats

The State of Grace Retreats are lovely weekend events where women can come together and dive into their inner work in a safe place. Each retreat has an over-all theme but are also individually customized to help each woman achieve personal goals. They include group activities and solitarty space for personal processing. These retreats include the use of plant medicine. Pre-retreat and post-retreat sessions are included. These are paramount in order to prepare for your journey and to integrate the experience into your life. Included in these retreats are also, movement, meditation, sound healing, vegan meals, room/board, and a keepsake item. Application for the retreats do require a consultation call to make sure you are ready to embrace the in depth work of sacred plant medicine. This is a perfect opportunity to have any questions answered about any part of the retreat.

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